At Camarena Porter Optometrists , we are proud to have our own state of the art onsite Optical laboratory with first-rate lab technicians.

As a result, our Optometrist and patients enjoy all the advantages of our onsite laboratory’s expertise.

Quality control

Our Optometrists and lab technicians work closely together, minimising the risk of any errors or delays in the manufacturing of your lenses and ensuring that all aspects meet the highest possible standards and suitability.

Optical laboratory technicians spend years manufacturing and glazing optical lenses , thus the have a keen eye to ensure only top quality products gets passed through our 14 Step quality inspection process.

Quality workmanship

Don’t be worried if you want to re-use your beloved frame we are able to assist you as our technicians can cut the lenses while you wait– simply schedule an appointment!

Our technicians have magical hands and can realign your badly bent frame while you wait.


We can assist can with adjustments / realignments and also do repairs like soldering.

If the frame is broken, we can simply transfer your lenses to a new frame while you wait. Our staff will assist you with selecting a new frame to make the process quick and effective.

Ultrasonic cleaning / General Maintenance

Come in for a annual visit and have your spectacles professionally maintained. We will readjust ,replace nosepieces and and clean your frame.


Various coulors tinting can be done at or practice to match what you are most comfortable with.

Create you own style sunglass or just a slight tint if you are very light sensitive.

Lens thickness calculation

For prescription wearers considering high index lenses but not sure how much thinner the lenses will be , we are able to show you with the help of the latest technology available how much thinner and lighter your lenses will be.