Everyone is looking at your glasses


At Camarena Porter Optometrist we want you to see, look and feel your best.  We offer a 30 – 60 min Frame Styling Consultation in our new gorgeous styling room. Our team of styling consultants have all completed an international eyewear styling course and are eager to assist you find your unique WOW frame.

Why a Frame Styling consultation?

No longer are frames just a tool to see better. We’ve all heard people say “I don’t care what I look like, I just want to be able to see.” But, your eyewear and frames are an extension of you! Just like a new outfit can make you feel fabulous and more confident – a pair of spectacles can do the same!

Let us assist you in selecting the best frame that compliments you. During your frame styling appointment we will determine your style personality, colour type and take your facial features into consideration.

We want to boost your confidence in the right frame styles that suit you. Knowing your style personality helps us to do this. Your frame should showcase who you are and enhance your overall image.

By assessing your colour type we can determine which colours can be best worn to help you enhance your overall look and which ones to avoid.

Facial and feature analysis helps us to determine which frame shapes will suit you best. Brow shapes, facial length and width are all influencing factors. No two individuals are the same – and this is why we want to spend this time with you customising our advice, specifically for you.


We have a wide and unique variety of exceptional frames and brands to choose from. Having the frame styling consultation assists us to choose a selection specifically for you – from the information we obtained.

Our goal is for you to leave our practice benefitting from this consultation, feeling more confident and empowered with your style decisions. Discover your WOW! with Camarena Porter Optometrist.

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