Julia Backer is our women's eyewear brand conceived and designed to emphasise the strength, empowerment and beauty of every women. The modelsstand out for their timelesscontemporary design, resulting from a combination of harmonious silhouettes, attention to detail and refined colours.
Design experiments with the central theme of femininity and refinement, focuses on original details andplays with shapes to offer a range going from an everyday wear chosen as a complement to her beauty to more sophisti cated and modern lines enhancing her charm. Creativity, elegance and timeless distinction are Julia Backer keyfeatures.
As Sophia Loren once said, Beautyis in you, how you fee/ inside and is reflectedin your eyes. We want our collections to enhance the magic in the female gaze, studying her face, the colours that best match each skin tone, with shapes that focus attention on the sparkle in the eyes of the wearer.
Julia Backer embraces and transcends fashion to instil strength and confidence in women, to make them feel good, elegant and spontaneous at alltimes, without being a fashion-addict