Pantone’s autumn and winter colour palette embodies a shared desire to inject joy, creativity, and style into our lives. Fostering a sense of curiosity and innovation, this colour scheme blends vibrant and cheerful hues with sophisticated, and enduring tones. The result is a collection of unconventional colour combinations that enhance the personality of the wearer.

According to Adele Camarena, owner and director at Spectacle World, we appreciate the power of colour more. “The most captivating trends include the revival of retro aesthetics, the grace of minimalism, the allure of oversized sunglasses, and the inclusivity of gender-neutral styles. Prepare to uncover eyewear that not only enhances your sight or shields your eyes but also makes a striking fashion statement in the upcoming months.”

Camarena continues that these trends transcend our preconceived notions, ushering us into a new era where fiery reds, daring yellows, or vibrant turquoise hues take centre stage. “Bright colours bring joy and increasingly our clients are embracing this trend. As aptly noted by Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, colours underscore our yearning for profound and meaningful self-expression.”

Camarena underscores the effortless infusion of Pantone colours into both Summer and Winter eyewear seasons. “Unlike fashion and interior design, optometrists enjoy the advantage of immediate access to the latest styles. We remain consistently aligned with the world’s fashion trends. Eyewear undergoes constant evolution, reflecting the spirit of our era. Whether your preference leans towards eco-conscious choices or embraces oversized, square frames, bold cat-eyes, or geometric silhouettes, the realm of eyewear has never been more exciting.”

Get an early glimpse of the hottest eyewear trends for the upcoming winter season.

Ronit Fürst first introduced the groundbreaking concept of meticulously hand-painted frames. Quirky, cheerful, and setting the trend in fashion-forward styles, these frames exude an unmistakable authenticity, deliberately crafted to showcase distinctiveness from every perspective, featuring meticulous detailing, dainty adornments, offbeat asymmetry, and a harmonious play of graduated shades. Provocative and alluring, Fiery Red sparks excitement, while the refined charm of Tasteful Sparkling Grape captivates with its beguiling allure.

Clear frames, the epitome of elegant simplicity, are set to shine this season, offering a perfect choice for those looking to enhance their facial features or makeup. They effortlessly complement various skin tones and facial shapes, blending style and versatility seamlessly.

Acquire yours in Pantone’s Conch Shell or Seedpearl, a subtly shaded and fresh off-white tone.

Marrying the allure of bygone eras with the promise of future innovation with a refined twist, flat-top and geometric frames have emerged as an essential wardrobe must-have for 2024. Pantone’s Persimmon will let the frames pop!

The timeless allure of pink continues to captivate, becoming an enduring favourite that resonates even more, thanks in part to the widespread popularity of Barbie, one of the biggest box office hits last year. Equally enchanting are the everlasting hues that claim a perpetual spot: the vivid and lively Sharp Green, a striking yellow-green, and the floral blue of Lacecap Hydrangea, infused with the invigorating essence of a seasonal bloom.

The ’70s revival continues to dominate the fashion scene. Expect dynamic shapes and lively hues that seamlessly infuse a playful spirit into any ensemble. Featuring striking cat-eye designs, geometric shapes, and modern takes on round and square frames, Pantone introduces Spectra Yellow—a luminous shade that embodies innovation, enlightenment, and energy. In contrast, the naturally nurturing Olive Oil, with its golden green hue, becomes an essential element for overall well-being.

Pantone’s classic palette introduces discreet hues that subtly make their presence known. Drawing from tradition, Pale Khaki emerges as a contemporary and versatile tan. Nimbus Cloud is a delicate, ethereal grey with a wispy quality while Fired Brick is a rich and warm autumnal hue. Lava Smoke exudes an impenetrable deep grey, carrying a sense of gravitas. As a stalwart green, Forest Green offers protective cover. Seedpearl, a lightly shaded fresh off-white, adds a touch of brightness.

We have an enduring affection for timeless elegance, and the perennial allure of thin frames is undeniable. A classic in eyewear, these frames are poised to impart a touch of sophistication to all your outfits. Crafted from delicate metal wire, they boast a distinctive and elegant aesthetic in Pantone’s colour of the year, Peach Fuzz.

Camarena concludes with a powerful sentiment: “Eyewear is all about individuality, celebrating the unique essence that each person brings to their style. It serves as a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to showcase your personality, tastes, and preferences. With an array of styles, colours, and shapes available, eyewear becomes a distinctive reflection of your identity. Whether you opt for classic sophistication, bold statements, or trendy designs, your eyewear choice becomes an integral part of your narrative, telling a story that is exclusively yours.”