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It’s a SHER thing May’22

Introducing the ‘Swinging Jones’ range

Ingrid Jones is famous for her style, along with being a TV presenter, co-founder and MD of Mikateko Media. Jones has also launched some of South Africa’s most-read publications, such as; Destiny, Afropolitan, Sawubona and Koe’sister. Jones has just launched a new range of sunglasses with chains, in collaboration with Spectacle World. The range is known as Swinging Jones, and it will be available online as well as from Spectacle World. Jones says: “If clothing and other accessories can be fashionable and fun, why not eyewear? I love something that says: ‘Here I am. I am my own person. And I love swag.’ I love the Swinging Jones range. Of course it has earrings on it, just in case I forgot mine. It’s such a style statement for women who are confident and sassy.”

According to Jones, fans should flock to Spectacle World to get the red carpet royal treatment. “I hope Adele and I can have a day where we invite everyone to come and try it all on and I’ll be around to give some style advice.” She adds with a laugh that her favourite style was sold off her face! “It’s a once-off. We have lots more new ideas for the next range. If you missed the boat, you missed out. It’s all about desirability, so make your appointment!”

Adele Camarena, owner and director at Spectacle World adds that glasses are no longer what they used to be. “With the trendiest, most fashion-forward frames available, glasses are now more than just a way to help us see. Eyewear has become a key accessory and designers continue to design frames with unique shapes, colours, and features to help us display our sense of individuality. The Swinging Jones range does exactly that! It’s gorgeous and fun and encapsulates everything we need to break free. This is your chance to live out your secret dream of being able to pull off sunglasses indoors, as these also act as earrings.”

The Swinging Jones range is available in a myriad of colours and designs, including on-trend cat-eyes, bold retro ’70s frames, round metal frames, barely-there translucent frames and more. Made like jewellery and locally manufactured, the chains include everything your heart desires, from gold to pearls, crystals to feathers, beads to shells, made to reflect your personality. As Mrs Jones says: “Just swing it!”


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