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Lucian Albertyn


“I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for most of my life. The reason is because I have weak eyes. My father wears glasses and so did his parents. Obviously one of the kids had to inherit the weak eye gene, and it happened to be me!”

“After being introduced to Adele (Camarena) at Spectacle World by Jenny Morris, it all happened so fast. One day I’m messaging Adele for an appointment and the next thing I’m right there about to have my moment. And I’ve been loving Spectacle World ever since.

“They say when you experience something, it can either be traumatic or mind-blowing happiness. Well, mine was definitely happiness and choosing the right pair of glasses can change everything in your life, from your career to your personal life and everything in between. That’s if you wear glasses… ?

“So, while I’m busy getting my eye test with Adele, I was nervous out of excitement, yet confident that I’ll be happy when I leave Spectacle World. And I sure was. We went to the front to get styled and when I mean styled, I mean shopping for specs. I initially would’ve taken one pair, but I walked out with four pairs of incredible prescription glasses and sunglasses. And let me tell you, I was so happy, the tears came down in my car on my way home. I just truly felt so blessed. For real… ???

“After two weeks, I received my brand new glasses and I was like a kid in a candy store, smiling from ear to ear. I just couldn’t wait to have them on and wear them proudly. And this is what I chose…

A red and black frame that could be my every day look and a see through pair to be my out going pair, but I love both so much that I wear them proudly every day. The fit is impeccable and one thing I truly admire about the team at Spectacle World (N1 City Value Centre) is that every detail was met. I couldn’t be any happier to be part of them now because it was truly just service like no other. For Real ?!

“I have two sunnies as well. A silver, blue shade lense with black frame and a green, gold lenses with matt black frame. That is my Jeep Apparel Wear, okay ?

“These four looks definitely suit my style, my vibe and just me… it’s so me, it even suits my home, bcoz it’s my colours of choice for everyday use. I’ve since received non-stop compliments and admiration. Words like ‘you’re looking very good my friend, love the colours’ and ‘love it, makes you look even more mature now’. Lol… I mean, I’m a very confident person, and don’t need praise that much but to get compliments for your look on your face (glasses) well, I’ll take that!

“To end my story… I will never forget how the team made me feel. I felt important, I felt welcomed, I felt safe, I felt trusted and cared for and that’s a feeling not everyone can give you, but at Spectacle World (N1 City Value Centre) they are just phenomenal human beings and I’m truly grateful for every single person there. I want everyone who will see my posts on Instagram or Facebook to make a turn at their store. I’ll put my own name down and say ‘I, Lucian Albertyn, gives Spectacle World my VOTE for amazing service and impeccable taste and professionalism.’  Thank you Adele, from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to many years of beautiful glasses and sunnies. Much love to Team Spectacle World.”

Lucian is a Television | Film | Stage Producer, Director and Creative Manager who has been in the Entertainment Industry for 15 Years, doing shows like #ExpressoMorningShow #AfternoonExpress #PresenterSeachon3 #TropikaIslandOfTreasure #DrMolShow #HecticNine9 and many more.

He’s also an actor who’s been signed with ERM (Emma Ress Management) in Cape Town and MLA (Moonyeenn Lee Associates) in Johannesburg for more than a decade. He starred in local shows such as #LeagueOfGlory #Isidingo #RhymeCity as well as international hit series #Homeland.

He has danced most of my life and is a Creative Director for many artists, including Amy Jones, to showcase their inner Dance Diva, and has created many shows, concerts and stage performances over the years.

He is also an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder and Managing Director of #IndigoEntertainment (@indigo_cpt on Instagram) and do Lifestyle Events, Stage Productions and Live Concerts.