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Meet Kungawo

He is a special 5 year old boy who has hearing loss and bilateral hearing aids for him to be able to function normally. This brave boy has learnt to listen and speak.

Kungawo attends the Carel Du Toit centre at Tygerberg hospital. 

The lenses of his old spectacles kept on falling out and having a prescription as high as Kungawo, one cannot see. Mrs Rixana (Kungawos mom) would take the spectacles off in fear of losing the lenses.

Cannot see means this 5 year old was unable to do daily activities to improve the quality of his life.

Ulfah Salie a speech therapist at the centre dropped the spectacles by me saying ‘please help him’. 

We then decided instead of repairing we will sponsor this little guy with a frame. 

Not knowing what a huge impact we made in his life, it was just a frame for us. 

This guy is a superhero, the smile he brought to our faces here at Camarena Porter Optometrist is unexplainable. Kungawo krept into my heart.

The feedback I received from Ulfah is phenomenal. Our superstar is now able to participate better socially at school and in his home environment. His mom can also see a tremendous difference at home.

He now plays and has fun with his spectacles on!

The head band attached to the frame in conjunction with the rubber temple tips allows Kungawo’s new frame to fit comfortably without interfering with his hearing aids.

We take for granted the fact that we can see and don’t realise without our eyesight we cannot function normally on a daily basis. 

Fadwaa Abrahams