Spectacle World – Gala evening 21 Sep 2023


Spectacle World, a leading optometry establishment, is gearing up to commemorate Eye Care Awareness Month from 24 September to 18 October, which aims to shine a light on the significance of eye health, with a particular focus on the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness. As part of their commitment to raising awareness, Spectacle World is proud to announce their support for Guide Dogs for the Blind during a special gala event on Thursday, 21 September.

According to Adele Camarena, Director at Spectacle World, a staggering seventy-five percent of all cases of blindness can be prevented or treated with timely intervention. This underscores the importance of regular eye check-ups, with Camarena emphasising, “It’s essential to have your eyes examined at least once a year. Symptoms of eye conditions can manifest as vision loss, altered eye movements, eye pain, visual field loss, and bulging eyes.”

She adds that in many instances, visual impairment is inevitable, and this is where guide dogs become real-life heroes. “These extraordinary animals play a pivotal role in the lives of visually impaired individuals, granting them the freedom to navigate the world independently and safely, enriching their quality of life.”

The gala event at Spectacle World promises to be an exciting affair, featuring the unveiling of new Ronit Fürst and Ozbob frames, as well as the introduction of the vibrant NewHue® colour lens range.

Ari Katzman, of IE Optics, the exclusive importers of Ronit Fürst Hand Painted Eyewear, says they have been supplying Spectacle World for the last two years. “Adele and her team at Spectacle World really go above and beyond when it comes to curating the latest eyewear designs and trends. Moreover, they have the unique ability to set trends themselves by introducing avant-garde eyewear designs previously unseen in South Africa.”

Quirky, cheerful, and setting the trend in fashion-forward styles, Ronit Fürst’s journey began in 2001 when they introduced a groundbreaking concept—the world’s first vibrant collection of frames meticulously hand-painted. This hands-on approach gives artists the freedom to create each pattern and hue, resulting in a collection that’s as unique as the individual wearer. With 3 900 eye-catching designs to choose from, these niche frames capture every new owner’s personality.

OZBOB, a creative venture spearheaded by Robin, also known as Bob, emerged as a passion project during the confines of her studio apartment amidst the lockdown. Drawing on her experience as a wardrobe stylist, she had previously crafted an array of headpieces and diverse accessories for various projects, often resulting in a surplus of materials. A meticulous exploration of her collection of accessories revealed forgotten remnants that had either fallen into disrepair or lost their original purpose.

Robin shares her creative process, saying, “I only craft frames when time permits, typically ensuring new stock is available in time for the spring and summer seasons. Each frame is a unique creation, intentionally designed as one-of-a-kind pieces. Adele reached out to me shortly after OZBOB’s inception, and she has been an exceptional client. We have deep admiration for Spectacle World and often refer our customers who require prescription lenses to their establishment. Witnessing influential figures like Herman Lategan embrace our frames is truly remarkable. He embodies the vibrant and daring essence of our brand.”

Johann Swart, representing CooperVision, the exclusive distributors of the NewHue® colour lens range, highlights the remarkable innovation these lenses offer. Swart enthuses, “These lenses grant you the opportunity to achieve the eye colour you’ve always dreamt of and envisioned. NewHue® draws inspiration from the beloved hummingbird, renowned as the ‘crown jewel of colour,’ as its hues transcend the conventional colours of the rainbow.”

Swart also celebrates a long-standing 30-year partnership with Spectacle World, having collaborated since the inception of the practice. “It’s amazing to work with Adele and her team. We share a strong sense of camaraderie and feel like an integral part of the Spectacle World family.”

Camarena elaborates on their mission, expressing their desire to raise awareness not only of the prevention and treatment of avoidable blindness and these exceptional eyewear brands but also for the invaluable cause of Guide Dogs for the Blind. She concludes: “For every frame or set of lenses sold, we will make a generous donation of R100. Guide dogs offer more than just physical assistance; they provide emotional support, companionship, and a profound sense of security to their handlers. Let us come together to celebrate the remarkable work they do and the life-transforming impact they have on the lives of individuals.”

Join Spectacle World in their mission to promote eye health awareness and support the remarkable Guide Dogs for the Blind during Eye Care Awareness Month. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those with visual impairments.

Event kindly sponsored by Farm Boy Catering and Deetlefs Wine Estate.